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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Music is Money - Understanding Mechanical Rights pt. 1

If you're an artist or producer you'll never know all the legal in's and out's of the music industry, but having a working knowledge of somethings can save you a lot of grief and money. If you're writing all your music then one of those things are your Mechanical Rights. Unless you don't like getting paid!

Former president of the storied Rykodisc label and founder of Slow River Records, George Howard is and accomplished musician, producer, executive, and educator. He currently holds post as Assisant Professor of management at Loyola University, Instructor and lecturer at Berklee College of Music's BerkleeMusic program.

This video is an excellent introduction to mechanical rights and licenses, but there are a few things he left out, so stay tuned for more discussion on this topic. As always,

Stay Hip Hop!. Peace.

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