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Monday, August 8, 2011


James Bonner a.k.a B-Sharp is a Hip Hop lyricist/song writer. Together with Michael Hayward a.k.a Fate, Richard Drummond a.k.a R.D. and Zachery Brown a.k.a Slier Brown they form the hip hop based group called the 3domwriters (Freedom Writers). B Sharp continues to gather a wide variety of fans that can relate to his music. “When people listen to my music I hope they can relate to and find a connection with the meaning of the track. Overall just understand the point I’m trying to get across and maybe see things in a different perspective”. B-Sharp is currently recording his debut album “Nothing 2 Lose, Everything 2 Gain” and working in conjunction with Aerial studios and WCC studios, whilst gigging around the UK with the 3domwriters.

The Long Road (Produced by E-Freeze)

The Observor

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