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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Attraction Sales - Give Your Music Sex Appeal!

Melyssa Ford
The tendency of most people who have something to sale is to run right out and tell the whole world about it; followed by a 30 minute lecture on how great it is and why the world needs to buy it right now. The problem with that is, its the exact opposite of what they should be doing. They think hey, I have this great product or service for sale, but no one will know if I don't tell them. This is true, unless They Ask You about it. And that's the real secret to good marketing. Getting the right people (people who want to buy what you're selling) to come to you. That's what Attraction Marketing is all about, and it works.

Why? Because people don't care if you have something to sale unless there's some benefit in it for them. Think about it. Have you ever bought anything that didn't benefit you? Would you? No, you wouldn't, and neither would anyone else. You buy a house, the benefit is a place to live. Buy the latest Hip Hop, R&B, or Pop album, the benefit is entertainment. Everything you buy benefits you in some way. So in order to sell something to someone, first you have to get them to see how they will benefit from buying it.

To do this you must understand who your customer is, because benefits come in different forms. They can be the solution to a problem, informative, entertaining, or some combination of these. Simply put, benefits are the wants, needs, and desires of your customer. Once you know what these are, you build your marketing strategy around it.

So how can this be applied to marketing your music as an artist or producer? We know music is entertaining, but in what other ways does your customer benefit from your music? What wants, needs, or desires does your customer have that you or your music can satisfy? Maybe its a chance to win a dinner date with you, or a free ad on your website with the purchase of a track. Be creative! Kanye West gave away a bunch of music before the release of "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy". The result, the album had the highest projected first week sales of his last three. The point is to provide something of value (a benefit) other than what your selling to your customer who will in turn provide something of value to you, money. Remember, Features Tell, Benefits Sell, and as always,

Stay Hip Hop, Peace!

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