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Thursday, April 28, 2011

iLL-iteracy - The Ensembly Line

Fallen ft. Serenity

Each born in Roanoke "Star City",VA. iLL-iteracy's members developed affinities for music early in their lives. The group was officially formed circa 1998, and is made up of members Scott Dudley - "Chris Prythm", Kirk Dudley - "Speek Eazy", Corey English - "WiLL Spitwell", and George Trent -   "Young Observe".

Siting influences such as God, each other, Roanoke City, prayerful mothers, scornful fathers, the loss of loved ones, and all the typical conditions that define an inner-city. Their sound is inspirational but far from ignorantly blissful and their musical arsenal ranges from upbeat anthems to thought provoking, more conscious selections.

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